Artefact First – Stephen Biddulf with a bronze age palstave axe head. After last month we didn’t expect to see another axe head for some time yet Stephen has come up with the goods and in such beautiful condition too.

Artefact Second – Bridget Whitehouse with a tiny gold ring.

Yes I have finally got noticed, my first recognition in the club finds competition!  Having recently purchased a second hand Deus from another club member I got out a couple of times eager to begin to learn the features of my new machine.  First time out I found two halves of a pair of silver scissors (see Finds Table 2 picture) some three metres apart in the same field.  This tiny gold ring came up on my second outing to another  permission.  I had been told about the thrill of seeing the glint of yellow in the clod of earth – it is true … now I am eager for more. The ring is less than a centimetre in diameter and was not deep.

Coin First – Jenny Grace with a 1844 sixpence.

Unusually for our finds table there was only one coin on it this month so Jenny was awarded first place for her sixpence and there was no second place.

I am sure that there were other coin finds brought along but as they were  not shown on the table they were not therefore eligible for the competition.  That said we did have a most eclectic finds table this month some of which can be seen in the photo Finds Table 02.


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Meeting of the 5th July 2018.   Our finds competition winners are as follows: