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Photos: January 2021.          Finds voted best of year 2020 are as follows:

Last year was a wash out for DARC.  But not a total wash out, we got one club dig in.  Membership fees for the year have been extended to cover 2021.

In spite of the lack of opportunities to get out into the countryside and wield our detectors, we did manage to establish an on line find of the month competition and members have just voted on their finds of the year.

Coin First went to Malcolm Scothon with his sharp Carausius (286 – 93) Denarius

Coin Second was won by Russell Cross with his lock down find of a crisp 1693 Crown

Michelle Marshall won Artefact of the year with a medieval silver heraldic mount

Karl Swain came second with his Irish Gold wedding ring.

Prospects for digging in early 2021 are currently not looking good, but fingers crossed the roll out of the vaccine and coming of spring will see us all in the fields once again.