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Photos for   October 2020.          Our finds competition winners are as follows:

Here at DARC we are have continued with our online find of the month competition.

The winners were as follows:

Coin First: Mark Stead, Denarius, Marcus Ulpius Trainus

Coin Second: Rod Furniss Willian III Sixpence 1696

Artefact First: Rod Furniss Votive Axe Head

Artefact Second: Chris Revill, Medieval Hearldic Horse Harness Pendant

Due to the current lockdown along with the fact that many of our members have not been able to get out all year, our find of the month competition for November will be an opportunity for members to share photos and stories of their favourite ever finds. Not just the magnificent finds but also the ones with a story.

  Fingers crossed we get a good response.