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Photos for   30th September 2020.          Our finds competition winners are as follows:

Sadly, as with everyone else, the ‘Rule of Six’ put paid to any club organised digs this month (and for the foreseeable future)

In spite of this, some of our members (with private permissions) managed to get out and about. Our online ‘Find of the Month’ page hosted a good selection of finds.  It also incorporated two new tabs ‘Eyes Only’ (for finds made without a detector) and ‘ID Please’ (for the finder to ask a question about their item).

The ‘Eyes Only’ tab turned up a couple of interesting finds including a fossil clam and a (possible) stone axe head.  The queries raised were mostly trying to date artefacts and our expert was able to help with some of these.

The winners were as follows:

Coin First: Rod Furniss, Henry V Groat

Coin Second: Jenny Grace, Hadrian Denarius

Artefact First: Michelle Marshall, Heraldic Silver Mount

Artefact Second: Rod Furniss, Late Celtic Duck

It is now looking like our regular monthly meetings will not reconvene for the time being. In the mean time we will continue to keep in touch and will keep up the online competition.

Stay Safe Everyone.