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Photos for   31st August 2020.               Our finds competition winners are as follows:

For the second time in two months we are the bearers of sad news.  This month Audrey Scriven passed away. Audrey was a venerable, honorary member of the club for many years, attending meetings and taking great interest generally in the club. She will be missed by us all.  Our condolences go to her family and friends.

We know that various members have been getting out to both organised digs and private permissions and once again have an interesting, if small, selection for our find of the lockdown online competition.

DARC even managed its first club dig of the year! A huge number of stubble fields which sadly were pretty quiet but at least one hammered is known to have come off it.  The best part of the dig was meeting (albeit at a distance) club friends and sharing our experiences of detecting under lockdown which ranged from: Getting out every day (once it was permitted) because the person was furloughed and had private permissions, to: the club dig being their first time out all year.

The winners were as follows, A coincidence this month with two Roman coins and two rings:

Coin First: Malcolm Scothon, Roman Silver Denarius of Emperor Carausius (286 – 93).  Malcolm has already run it by our local FLO and apparently there is only one other listed on the PAS.

Coin Second: Matthew Ruston, an As of Agrippa.

Artefact First: Karl Swain, an Irish gold wedding ring, his first gold find and yes he did do a (small) gold dance in the middle of an otherwise empty field.

Artefact Second: Bridget Whitehouse, a silver dress ring.