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Photos for lock-down  6th July 2020.        Our finds competition winners are as follows:

Well we at DARC are just beginning to poke our noses out from under lock down.  Sadly, there are as yet no meetings and no plans for any club digs.

Our members have not been idle though during lockdown.  When it wasn’t possible to go out some desperate members resorted to digging their own gardens, one in particular came up with several ring pulls, some bits of lead and 2p another was luckier with a door knocker!  However as lockdown has been eased, members are beginning to get out onto their own permissions.  Sometimes in socially distanced pairs but mostly on their own.

Some resorted to digital posting of photos of finds.  This got us thinking and we have moved our club meeting’s ‘find of the month’ competition to an online one the first being ‘find of the lockdown’ spanning April, May and June.

This proved to be a great success. Photos of prize finds have been sent in, judged and the finds and winners posted onto a private page for club members to view.

The winners were as follows:

Coin First: Russell Cross 1696 Crown

Coin Second: Rod Furniss Iceni Silver Unit

Artefact First: Malcolm Scothon Pot Lit / Pendant

Artefact Second: Karl Swain Fibula

We will be continuing the ‘find of the month’ competition online until such time as our regular monthly meetings can resume.  

We can’t wait to be back to the old routine with groups of us around the finds table drink in hand admiring, handling and discussing each other’s prize finds.