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Meeting of the 5th March 2020.        Our finds competition winners are as follows:

DARC held its annual general meeting in March and there was a good turn out. All members present voted on the find of the year for 2019, the results being as follows:

Coin of the Year 2019 First: Stater Andre Ray

Coin of the Year 2019 Second: Mary Groat Jenny Grace

Artefact of the Year 2019 First: Complete Quadruple Seal Matrix, Michelle Marshall

Artefact of the Year 2019 Second: Viking Stirrup Mount, Andre Ray

Well done to the winners

Due to the weather there was a thin showing on the finds table but some choice finds amongst them.

Coin of the Month Joint First: Crisp Cnut 1d of maker Hilduf om York, Rod Furness

Coin of the Month Second: Commonwealth 2d, Mick Lamb

Artefact of the Month First: A large open sided embossed ring, Mark Stead

Artefact of the Month: Leaf Seal, Rod Furness

We had a filthy dig in the teeth of storm Denis in February with an understandably poor turn out.  Club founder and president Tony Wright said that in 50 years of club digs it was by far the worst weather he had attempted to detect in with horizontal rain, high winds, sodden underfoot and a recently muck spread field (why do we do it)?

And sadly due to the recent poor weather and fear of catching a virus we have found land owners are understandably reluctant to have us on their property at the moment so we will not be having a club dig in March.