Meeting of the 7th November 2019.        Our finds competition winners are as follows:

Coin of the Month Joint First: James 1st Shilling Russel Cross

Coin of the Month Joint First: Elizabeth 1st 6d Jack Fawley

Artefact of the Month First and Second: TWO silver teaspoons
                                                                          (found separately on the same field) Jack Fawley

After last month’s club first of joint best coin it seems a trend has started with joint first being awarded again this month.

We also had joint first in the Artefact class, Jack Fawley produced two beautiful silver spoons, not a pair but similar in size and shape and found on the same field.

We had a splendid showing of spindle whorls on the interest table. As is the way with hand made items, the variety was enormous from the very plain to the very ornate and everything in between.  There was the added twist of a stone example too.

Our December meeting will be our Christmas party with food and a monster raffle so no interest table.


Finally just a reminder, we are still on the look out for a new chairman so if any of our members fancy taking it on please let Rod know.