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Meeting of the 3rd October 2019.        Our finds competition winners are as follows:

Coin of the Month Joint First: Stater Andre Ray

Coin of the Month Joint First: Canute Penny, Rod Furniss

Artefact of the Month First: Roman Fibula, Rod Furniss

Artefact of the Month Second: Possibly Medieval Buckle, Rod Furniss

This month’s coin competition had the judges stumped with an excellent selection of coins both ancient and modern.  In the end they could not decide between two beautiful specimens.  A crisp gold stater from Andre and a possibly even crisper Canute penny from Rod.  So in a club first they were both selected for joint first place.  We all have our fingers crossed for equally spectacular finds.

Only two short cross pennies for this month’s interest table – next month we hope to see many more items as we have asked people to bring in their spindle whorls.  

We welcomed several new members this month.  We wish them happy hunting and hope to see them on all the club digs.

Finally just a reminder, we are still on the look out for a new chairman so if any of our members fancy taking it on please let Rod know.