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Meeting of the 4th July 2019.        Our finds competition winners are as follows:

Coin of the Month First: Elizabeth I Sixpence, Chris Revill

Coin of the Month Second: Edward I penny (London), Paul Williams

Artefact of the Month First: A ‘thing’ with a number on, Bridget Whitehouse.

Artefact of the Month Second: Fraction of a silver gilt turret broach minus stone (12-13 Century), Rod Furness.

A rather thinly attended meeting, low attendance being put down to the summer holidays having started.  The finds table too was a bit light as a result but interesting none the less.  Suggestions for the nature of the ‘thing’ with the number on would be welcomed, pointer and marker have been suggested but for what?  Rod was a little embarrassed that his fraction of a broach came second but, that was all the entries for the artefact group this month.

Our club dig at the end of June was well attended with a huge area to cover.  Unfortunately the grass was too long in many of the fields and despite great medieval and roman promise not a lot was found, though a couple of hammered did come out.  It was a beautiful spot and a lovely day to be out amongst like minded people.  Given the area available and the friendliness and interest of the land owner, we will probably be back.

At the end of last month’s meeting it was decided that we would ask members to bring in an item for an ‘interest’ table.  The item selected was ‘Keys’ most of us forgot, however those that remembered brought in a most interesting selection between them  including medieval, Viking, a modern charm and a huge lump of a thing retrieved from the site of a prison that was being re-developed.  Out interest table next month will be Thimbles.

Also included with this month’s photos are a couple of pictures of the baby’s food pusher (that was last month’s artefact of the month) after it had been straightened out.