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Meeting of the 6th June 2019.        Our finds competition winners are as follows:

Coin of the Month First: ¼ Stater, - Rod Furness.

Coin of the Month Second: Faustus? - Denarius, Andy

Artefact of the Month First: A silver baby’s food pusher, - Bridget Whitehouse.

Artefact of the Month Second: Roman Silver Ring, - Jenny Grace.

A most interesting meeting this month.  We welcomed two speakers for a talk titled ‘Closing the Loops’ Natasha Harlow an archaeologist who has recently completed a doctorate involving the spread of artefacts in Norfolk and the importance of the PAS database.  Also Ross Trevail who has an interest in photographing detectorists (and other ‘ordinary’ folk).  Very entertaining talks thank you both very much.

Our outing for May started with high hopes of finding rings on an ex PYO strawberry farm.  Alas no rings were found. However the assorted livestock on the farm all showed great interest in our doings particularly the two free range pigs who (like cats) made a bee line for anyone not too sure about them. This provided the rest of us with a laugh as detectors were employed as utensils for fending the pigs off until they lost interest.

For myself, I was very pleased to get Artefact of the Month for my baby’s food pusher.  I had not at first realised that it was silver.  It was another club member on seeing it in my finds bag suggested I cleaned it a bit and looked for silver marks and sure enough there they were (on the back of the bent in wing).  We were all stumped as to what it was (about 10 cm long). I had a Eureka moment on arriving home and googled ‘food pusher’ and there it was.  It is currently being straightened out and cleaned up (not polished).  When it comes back I will post another picture.