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Meeting of the 2nd May 2019.        Our finds competition winners are as follows:

Alistair Willis, our local Finds Liason Officer, who has been attending our meetings for the last few years, put in his last visit before moving on to pastures new. We understand that a new FLO is yet to be appointed, however we look forwards to meeting in due course.

Maureen Scothon  took the hounours in the find of the month competition with both first and second for coin og the month.

Danny Broomhead got first for artefact of the month when he walked over the right patch of grass during our club April dig and found not one, but two plain gold rings lying together in the same hole. One was hallmarked for the 1890s. For me, such a find raises so many questions, not least being ‘Why’? They were for such different sized fingers that they could not have both belonged to the same person. I guess we will never know.

May results:

Coin of the Month First:: Charles i shilling - Maureen Scothon

Coin of the Month Second: James (I of England, VI of Scottland) Scottish 20d – Maureen Scothon

Artefact of the Month First: Two gold rings – Danny Broomhead

Artefact of the Month Second:: A cannon ball – Karl Swain