Meeting of the 7th March 2019.        Find of the year 2018 & March Roundup.

We have been very quiet again for the first quarter of the year.  We do not have a meeting in January.  February’s meeting was very busy with sorting out membership and we never quite got around to a find of the month competition.  We had a very foggy start to our February club dig but as the fog lifted we were treated to a beautiful WARM February day. There was an excellent turn out with one or two hammered and a few interesting bits of this and that coming up.  Finds were few and far between.  The land owner spurred us on with a tale of a lost village somewhere nearby. It was a huge site and we hope to be back as only the most energetic got to the far extents of the land available. Tony turned up a rather nice love token (see find of the month below).

We held our find of the year competition for 2018:

Andre Ray was a runaway winner in the Artefact section with his find of the month from April 2018 – a breath taking 14th Century Seal Ring (currently still with the FLO).

Rod Furness won the coin of the year again with a huge slice of the vote for his September find of an Edward the Confessor  (1042 – 1066) Small flan penny (only minted 1048 – 1050).

Well done to both Andre and Rod.

The find’s table was sparse but attendance was a bit thin on the ground too.

Coin of the Month First: George I ½ Guinea love token (found on the February club dig)  - Rod Tokarski

Con of the Month Second: Republican denarius – Gary Jenkins

Artefact of the Month First: Tudor Dress Hook – Danny Broomhead

Artefact of the Month Second: Sword / Dagger Pommel – Jenny Grace