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Meeting of the 1st November 2018.       Our finds competition winners are as follows:

We had a small turn out to our November meeting and think falling on the first of the month, it may have caught some members on the hop. Our November finds competition winners are as follows:

Artefact First – Chape (scabbard tip) found by Karl Swain

Artefact Second – Key found by Jenny Grace

Coin First – Henry III Cut Half – Bryan Else

Coin Second- William III Shilling -Jenny Grace

Our October club outing was a bit of a disappointment as the large freshly turned field was contaminated by green waste and was quickly abandoned by all but the most dedicated searchers.  The second field with Pylons running across it had not been ploughed for many years and yielded lots of modern waste and a few 20th century coins.  Still, it was another day out in the sunshine with friends. Fingers crossed for a promising site for November, one we have visited before however this time it has been freshly ploughed and set for the first time in a few years.